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Test Tips

Driving Test Tips and Info

The following information details what you will experience on the day of the driving test. I’ve also added some driving test tips and locations of all test centres in Dublin and Meath. If you have any queries about the driving test please feel free to contact me.

Before the test / Theory Questions and Roadsigns
  • On arrival at the test centre on the day of your test reverse your car into a parking place
  • Ensure that your car is clean, the indicator and brake lights are working and that you have clearly visible L plates on show
  • Be in the test centre about 15 minutes before the time of your test
  • Ensure that you have your learners permit with you (and EDT logbook if you completed EDT)
  • Sit in the waiting area until your name is called, the tester will bring you to a private area where they will check your documentation
  • At this stage you will be asked some theory questions about the rules of the road and also to identify some road signs. Click on the links below to see sample theory questions or traffic signs on the rules of the road website
Sample Theory Questions  | road_signs
Technical Checks

At this point the tester will accompany you to your vehicle. Once there they will ask you to open the bonnet in order to perform technical checks, these include:

Driving Test TipsIdentification of oil fill, oil dipstick, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, windscreen water bottle. The picture on the left shows these in an Opel Corsa engine (click to enlarge)

The tester may ask how you check the levels of coolant / brake fluid / oil. Coolant + Brake fluid ; level of liquid must be between min and max markings on site of bottle. Oil;  Pull out dipstick, wipe clean, put it back in holder, take out dipstick and check markings (cold engine)

The tester may ask about your tyres, there are 3 main checks for your tyres:

  1. Treads are not too worn (minimum tread depth 1.6mm)
  2. Air Pressure – tyres are adequately inflated
  3. Damage – look for any signs of wear and tear, bulges, splits etc

The tester will ask you to sit in the car and operate the foot brake and indicators to ensure that they are working. They will then sit in beside you and ask you to demonstrate some secondary controls. These may include:

  • Lights (Full, Dipped, Fog, Hazard)
  • Wipers
  • Horn
  • Demister
  • Heater

The practical part of the test will last about 30-40 mins. You will be assessed on your general driving in different situations (turning, moving off, stopping, junctions, roundabouts etc.) You will be also asked to perform 3 manoeuvres (click on each for video demonstration):

  1. Reverse Around A Corner
  2. Turnabout
  3. Hillstart

You will also be asked to demonstrate some hand signals, usually after one of the manoeuvres. Click on the link for details of hand signals..

Hand Signals

When you are brought back to the test centre park the car safely in one of the bays provided and accompany the tester back into the centre. They will then inform you of your result and give you a copy of the test report sheet.

I hope these driving test tips are of benefit to you. Try to stay calm and relaxed in your test and don’t panic if you make a mistake. Above all Good Luck!

Local Driving Test Centres


Navan: Athlumney, Kilcairn, Navan, Co. Meath


C/O Cavan Crystal Hotel, Dublin Road, Cavan

Finglas: Jamestown Business Park, Jamestown Road Finglas, Dublin 11

Churchtown, Landscape House, Landscape Road, Churchtown

Raheny: 4 All Saints Park, Raheny, Dublin 5

Tallaght: 52 Broomhill Road, Tallaght, Dublin

Click here for test centre locations and to apply for your driving test

If you have any driving test tips of your own please feel free to share them!

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