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So why choose OB Drive? There are the usual reasons;

  • All levels of client welcome, from beginner to pretest
  • Lessons scheduled to suit each persons availability including evenings and weekends
  • Excellent lesson prices with special discounts for students / jobseekers
  • Modern dual-controlled car
  • ADI Certified Instructor (Reg. 36050)
  • Insurance discount of up to 20% after completing 10 lessons through First Ireland Insurance
  • Excellent pretest package covering theory and practical preparation for the driving test

However the best reason for choosing me is my excellent pass record, check out just some testimonials for OB Drive and pics of happy customers…

“Hiya Ollie, It’s Evan. I just finished my test and I passed! I’d just like to say thank you for your patience and help while doing my lessons and I’ll be sure to recommend you to my mates when they’re looking for an instructor. Thanks again! Evan, Dunboyne

“Hi Ollie just wanted to let you know I passed 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks a million for everything” Karl, Baldoyle
“I’d never driven before and was so unbelievably nervous but Ollie made it an easy and fun experience. I drove with Ollie for a year to complete my 12 driving lessons and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. He knows exactly how to keep you calm and collected when roads get stressful. He also knows when you need to be pushed harder and does it in a friendly and supportive manner. I’d recommend OB Drive to anyone and everyone looking to drive, especially nervous drivers.” Katherine, Dunboyne
“Thank you so much Ollie for helping me pass my driving test. A few months ago I had no idea how to even drive a car. I didn’t even have my own car to practice in. But with a dozen lesson I was able to pass my test on my first attempt. I would definitely recommend OB drive to anyone looking to pass their test and improve their driving.” Nick, Ratoath
“Well Ollie, I passed, got just 3 marks against me. Thanks very much for your help” David, Garristown
“Hey Olly just letting you know I passed, thanks for all the help I really appreciate it. :)” Gavin, Coolock
“Hi Ollie, Dan here just letting you know I passed my test this morning, thanks for everything! Dan, Ashbourne
“Passed my driving test in Naas thanks to Ollie. Would absolutely recommend him to family and friends. Thanks again for all your help” Ciara, Naas
“Hi Ollie, I’m writing to you a few days after my test been passed as I was so excited so forgot to thank you properly:). Thank you for your valuable lessons, I appreciate them all. I have recommended you to a friend of mine as an instructor who sees all the weaknesses that have to be worked on and all the strengths you highlight which made me feel that I am a good driver after all! Thanks a million, Ollie, now I can drive wherever I wish in my summer holidays!!! Best of luck and a continuous success in your career, hope you will become a tester one day, you will be good at that:)”  Lina, Swords
“I’d just like to thank Ollie at OB Drive for helping me pass my driving test. A very friendly and helpful person, he created a calm and relaxed learning environment and his instructions were very clear and concise. I’d recommend him to anyone!”  Artur, Clonsilla
“Passed my driving test today massive day for the family, 35 days off the beer going to be ended in some fashion tomorrow. Big thanks to Ollie at OB Drive for all the help he is a miracle worker!!”  Anthony, Cushinstown
“SO delighted passing my test in Finglas today Ollie! Could not have done it without your help and patience!!! Brilliant driving instructor :)”  Patricia, Drumcondra

Aisling Woods Pass

“I found OB Drive to be accommodating and professional. On the morning of my test my car blew up and I would not have passed my test only for Ollie. He tried to fixed my car, calmed me down and took me on a lap of the course in his car. I would highly recommend OB Drive and also recommend using their car for your test. Thanks Ollie, delighted I’m a full licence driver now : )”  Aisling, Ratoath

“I just passed my test in Navan! Thank you so much to OB Drive for all your help and support with my lessons. I would recommend OB Drive to anyone who seeks to learn how to drive in a calm, relaxed environment with the support you need to gain confidence in your driving. Thank you again.”  Elyse, Ratoath
“Thanks Ollie. Appreciate all the help you’ve given me ^.^”  Aidan, Ashbourne

Domas Driving Test Pass Navan

“I started off with practically no knowledge of safe driving or practice of handling a car and didn’t have my own car to practice with, however having Ollie as an instructor I managed to learn to drive and pass my driving test on my first try after only 2 months of driving with Ollie. He’s very patient and friendly even when I was making ridiculous mistakes!”  Domas, Clonsilla

Samantha Driving Test Pass Navan“I just arrived back from Australia last Friday and I urgently need a lesson, a pretest and the use of a car for my test today (Monday), Ollie came through for me on all 3 counts even though it was very short notice. He is an excellent teacher and he explains very clearly, what is expected of you during your test. I will recommend him to anyone. I would not have passed this time without his help today. Thanks a million Ollie, all the best”  Samantha, Navan
“Thanks very much to Ollie at OB Drive on helping me pass my test. You were very helpful and friendly and I appreciate all the help you gave me. I would recommend for anyone to get driving lessons from OB Drive”  Ciaran, Duleek
“Never drove a car before I sat in the seat next to Ollie, made me feel totally at ease driving after only a few minutes. Ollie is very aware of everything needed to pass the test and doesn’t let even the simplest of mistakes go by without correction! Either side of the 12 EDT lessons I went from never driving a car to passing my test and I wouldn’t have done it without Ollie! Just waiting on my license to be posted out and it’ll finally sink in! If you want to pass, go to Ollie!”  Graham, Navan
Thomas Driving Test Pass Churchtown“So happy to have passed my test! I really couldn’t have done it without Ollie, he is a brilliant instructor, couldn’t recommend him more!”  Thomas, Blackrock



Oonagh Driving Test Pass Raheny

“Thanks Ollie, I’m over the moon! All your patience with me obviously paid off, its starting to sink in now!”  Oonagh, Balbriggan



Aisling Driving Test Pass Navan

“Thank you so much for everything Ollie! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your instruction!”  Aisling, Ashbourne



Colm Driving Test Pass Raheny“Thanks Ollie, you have been a great driving instructor, thanks for fully preparing me to be able to do the driving test. I wish you all the best in the future, thanks again!” Colm, Artane



“I would like to thank Ollie for his patience and the support he gave me when I was preparing for my driving test. I came across his website off chance and thought I’d have one lesson with him and see what he’s like and I am glad I did. Ollie is very professional while still being friendly and making you feel completely at ease. You get detailed notes/diagrams on areas that need improving, how to get rid of bad habits and improve driving skills without neglecting other aspects of driving. My first driving test report was 5 Grade 1, 26 grade 2 and 3 grade 3 faults. After just 2 weeks of tuition with Ollie I had a result of 3 Grade 1 faults and 5 grade 2 faults in my second test. I found his experience and vast knowledge of the test and questions most invaluable in the days leading to the test and on the test day. He was very supportive and he makes you have more confidence and belief in yourself which is something only very experienced people can do. Even when you get frustrated he calms you down and explains how the task is done and he gives feedback after each lesson so you can follow your progress. My only regret is that I did not meet him earlier as it would have saved me a lot in terms of time money and tears! I am a better driver thanks to Ollie and I would most definitely recommend him to everyone. ”  Vivian, Dublin 8
Coran Driving Test Pass Navan“Thanks for everything Ollie! Ollie is a brilliant instructor. If you want to pass your test I would recommend him to anyone!”  Coran, Longwood



Diana Driving Test Pass Navan

“Thank you Ollie!! You are the great driving instructor, it is easy to learn to drive in friendly and comfortable atmosphere”  Diana, Balbriggan 



Indre Pass

“Hi Ollie, i just wanna say Big Thank You for all your help!!! I don’t think i could’ve done it so well without you., For all of those who are considering to take driving lessons i can honestly say that Ollie is one of the best driving instructors I know. From the very first lesson I always felt very relaxed. He always told my mistakes and how to avoid them in the future. I was always looking forward for the next driving lesson. I never felt pressurized even though he can be stict sometimes. Yet, when the day of my driving test arrived i wasn’t nervous, i was rather excited. Ollie showed me great support and went through the basic techniques before my test, which made me even more confident. During my driving test, I was very calm, ’cause I was ready and well prepared. I passed in first go, and only made 2 mistakes. Ollie made me an excellent driver and I will always be thankful for his help and such a great support. Again big Thank You!!!”  Indre, Rathmines

Fiona Pass

“Hi Ollie, just want to say a very very big thank you for getting me through my test first time around. Your relaxed style of teaching put me at ease straight away on day one. I couldn’t have done it with you, your help, support and patience were invaluable. I will recommend you to anyone that is looking for lessons in the future because not only are they great lessons, they’re on a one to one basis which makes it easier and not to mention they are great value too. thanks again for everything”  Fiona, Artane 

Andrew Pass

“Thanks for everything Ollie. I had never so much as been in the driver seat of a car before my first lesson with you in october and then 12 weeks later I passed my test first time round. The relaxed atmosphere you created in the car made me feel comfortable and I was never afraid to ask stupid questions or make mistakes. I couldn’t recommend Ollie more and for the standard of the lessons I think you could be charging a lot more!”  Andrew, Donnybrook

“I would not hesitate to recommend driving lessons from Ollie at OB Drive. He is a very calm, patient and encouraging instructor. I took my test in Churchtown and Ollie’s knowledge of the test routes was invaluable. It put me at ease during my test having already driven on some of the roads. Ollie also offers very competitive rates. In the current economic climate, it isn’t manageable for everyone to pay 40 euro a lesson. Ollie offers the same standard of instructing at a much more reasonable price. Thanks again Ollie!”     Jean, Blackrock
 “Hi Ollie, thanks for all your help, you did a great job with me never thought i would pass but you always had confidence in me. Will mention your name to anyone that’s looking for lessons, thanks again”  Kelly, Ballinteer

Gabriel Pass

“Thanks to OB Drive, I passed my driving test. I’m not a novice at driving and thought I would do fine on my driving test without too much work, but some friends convinced me to take some driving lessons before I took my Irish driving test. I would have never passed had it not been for those lessons! Not only did Ollie prepare me for specific exam situations (he predicted just about every single one!), but he also taught me the skills I need to drive safely and confidently in Dublin. Thank you, Ollie!” Gabriel, Canada (UCD)

“I learned to drive almost 21yrs ago with many gaps in between, so I have actually been driving now approx 14yrs and trust me I picked up loads of bad habits! I have sat my test three times and finally passed today! (Third time lucky!) This time I took five pre-test lessons with Ollie and I am so glad I did! I found Ollie to be very patient and friendly he put me at ease on every lesson. My main concern was the ‘reversing around the corner’ as I have ‘NEVER’ been able to complete this correctly. I told Ollie this from the first lesson and he told me I could adjust the mirror to my left when I am asked by the tester to do the reverse, during my test this morning I adjusted the mirror and as a result I actually managed to do it perfectly with no ‘Grades’ marked against me!… Thank you so much Ollie… You are a starbar!:) ”  Linda, Navan
“I’d tried different instructors previously but Ollie was definitely a find and the best value around. As a very nervous learner his cool, calm and collected attitude is just what was needed. With his incredible patience and encouraging nature you always felt at ease with him in the car. After each lesson he made a point of highlighting your progress which left you feeling very positive. He has a very thorough way of teaching and goes through every detail both large and small that you will need for your test. I couldn’t have done it without him and will be forever grateful for all the help he gave me. Thanks Ollie best of luck”  Sorcha, Drumcondra
“I took lessons from Ollie in the lead up to my driving test – which I passed first time – a testimonial to Ollie’s excellent style of teaching! He’s very patient and gives loads of great tips and helpful pointers which helped me a great deal in passing my test – I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ollie to all stages of learners. Thanks again Ollie and all the best ”   Ellie, Lucan
 “I got lessons with Ollie leading up to my driving test and I was really put at ease during the lessons. I was always felt comfortable to ask questions and Ollie had a lot of patience with me and the criticism was always constructive so I never left a lesson feeling discouraged or frustrated. One thing that sets him apart from most other driving schools is you get the full 60 minutes and your money is work every minute! Ollie was so calm during the lessons and that made me really calm during my test and I passed confidently. Thanks again and best of luck!”  Paula, Goatstown
“Ollie was a great driving instructor. He had a lot of patience which helped create a relaxed atmosphere during the lessons, which definitely helped me a great deal. He also made sure that any bad habits that I had been doing, or that I was just starting to do were stopped straight away! I would definitely recommend Ollie to anyone looking for a well-priced, patient and relaxed driving instructor who can help you pass your first time!”  Sophie, Blackrock
“Driving lessons with OB Drive really made a difference to my driving. I finally passed my test thanks to the great instruction I received”  Alison, Shankill

Eva Driving Test Pass Churchtown

“I was a complete beginner and I was pretty nervous to start off with but Ollie was a fantastic instructor. He provided encouragement, correction and advice at appropriate times and after just a few minutes I felt at ease behind the wheel. After just a handful of lessons I had come a long way. OB Drive were very accommodating and flexible with lesson times at my convenience. I also had a pre-test lesson which was extremely beneficial and prepared me well for the test – without Ollie I would never have passed! I would highly recommend him”  Eva, Knocklyon

“I found Ollie very patient and a calming presence. His relaxed attitude calmed my nerves and his constructive criticism helped me to pass my test and I am very grateful for that.”  Meabh, Templeogue
“Ollie gave me loads of great tips to help me with the all the different parts in the test. He was really patient and encouraging. He helped me sort out all the areas of my driving that I needed to fix before my test. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!”  Aoife, Rathfarnham

Dave Driving Test Pass Finglas

“Ollie took me out on my first driving lesson a few months ago and patiently brought me up to a standard whereby I went from total beginner to fully licensed driver. Thanks a million and best of luck with the business”

Dave, Smithfield


Some pics of other happy customers, let me help you get your face on the pass wall! Call Ollie today on 087 6657126

  • Marcelina pass
  • Ian Fitzpatrick Pass
  • Thomas Cleary Pass
  • Beatrice Pass
  • Sorin Pass
  • Ursula Pass
  • Emer Myles Pass
  • Kevin Carroll Pass
  • Joey Boyle Pass
  • Ousmane Pass
  • Beneamin Pass
  • Mohamad Pass
  • Hazel G Pass
  • John Gough Pass
  • Stephen Downey Pass
  • Nitu Pass
  • Anish pass
  • CarolAnn Pass
  • Enda Pass
  • greg pass
  • Eliza Pass
  • Gerado Pass
  • Joey Pass
  • Karen Pass
  • Luke Pass
  • Nabil Pass
  • Niall Pass
  • Shari Pass
  • Sirish Pass
  • Viktor pass
  • Carol Pass
  • Padraig Pass


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